Sofia Deaflympics Update 1

Daniel Harborne, President for Deaf Sports New Zealand went to Sofia Bulgaria to attend the 44th ICSD Congress as a delegate for New Zealand. He joined over 70 delegates/countries over 3 days for updates on International Sports, Deaflympics, as well as voting for a new board.

Before the Congress there was a full day workshop. This was an opportunity for everyone to talk about their proposals, or motions. Most of this day was focusing on the proposal from the ICSD board to overhaul the constitution. The current constitution was a very outdated and we were given 3 choices to vote on. The first choice was to leave the consitution as it is and only change the membership system. The second choice was to leave the constitution as it is and only change the by-laws. The third choice was to overhaul the contsitution.

Over the 2 day congress, some important votes were made. The third choice to overhaul the constitution was passed, and now the ICSD Board will get to work on this. This will be an transparent process, and everyone will be given 8 months to have a look at the changes and provide feedback.

The delegates also voted in a new President, as well as a few other new board members. The new ICSD President is Valery Rudhlekev from Russia. Daniel had an opportunity to meet him as well as other delegates and candidates for the board. Valery will do well for ICSD. Deaf Sports New Zealand wishes him all the best.

Voting in the new President, as well as the other board members took a very long time. There were many votes to process and eliminate. It continued up until past 8pm. It was a long day for everyone involved. Overall it was a productive congress, and the future of ICSD and International Sports is looking positive.

Tomorrow will be another big day with the Opening Ceremony, giving the athletes, officials and supporters an opportunity to meet each other. It will start at 6pm here in Sofia, Bulgaria which means 3am in New Zealand time. If you are up and keen to watch a live stream of the Opening Ceremoney, you can visit: and make sure you are watching Stream 1. You’ll also be able to see the other Deaflympics sports being live streamed here.

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