What an Experience

Here is Talor’s account of his 1500m final. Although he didn’t win, he went out there and had fun. He was living the moment!


The 1500m final has been and gone. I came last, dead last. But it was the race of my life. For 800m I was striding out strong and fast in third place behind the two kenyan pace setters. I was on 2 flat pace for my 800m split. And this is where the wheels on my wagon crushed and buckled and eventually fell off.

I started my warm up and I can’t recall ever being so nervous! I was a wreck! I either wanted to vomit or crash into a tree and sprain my ankle. But I kept it together, I made it to the call room and then started that long agonising walk to the start line. It was actually here I started to feel better, I couldn’t believe it. I looked over to the crowds and saw our small, but boisterous New Zealand crew. All of a sudden…

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