Our Medallists

Our athletes from New Zealand have had many successes at the World Games for the Deaf/Deaflympics as well as at the World Championships.

Below is a list of all our medal winners. Click on the name of the Athlete to find out which events they competed in, and which sports they got medals for.

Athlete Sport Gold Silver Bronze
Andrea Vowles Basketball 1
Angeline Perez Basketball 1
Carol Owen Basketball 1
Carolyn Hamlin Badminton 1
Christine Ryder Badminton 1
Daniel Carruthers Road Cycling 1
Erina Haronga Basketball 1
Gillian Ramsay Badminton 1
Janet Watt Badminton 1
Johannes Ooteman Road Cycling 3
John McRae Wrestling 1 1
Kelly Quirke Basketball 1
Kerry Titcombe Karate 1
Kevin Lawrence Athletics 1
Lorraine Butler Basketball 1
Michael Lynch Swimming and Karate 1 2
Miira Storey Basketball 1
Nadia Baradi Basketball 1
Nicola Morrison Basketball 1
Pamela Croskery Badminton 2
Penny Went Badminton 2
Ripeka Morgan Basketball 1
Robert Algie Wrestling 1
Rossell Haycock (McKenzie) Swimming 1
Susan Hamilton Golf 1
Suzanne Ovens Basketball 1

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