Executive Board

Executive Board

Our Executive Board consists of 7 individuals and a National Sports Administrator. Without this team and the work they put into the organisation, Deaf Sports New Zealand would not be where it is today.

Check out their answers to the questions below to find out more about them!

1) Hometown?
2) Which school did you go to?
3) Favourite sport to watch or play?
4) Favourite sports moment (memory)?
5) Favourite sports athlete (Deaf or hearing)?
6) What do you want Deaf Sports New Zealand to achieve in next 2 years?



Daniel Harborne – Wellington

1) Wellington
2) Te Awamutu College. I also did one year at Kelston Deaf Education Centre.
3) Football. Go the Wellington Phoenix!
4) My favourite sports moment was when Shane Smeltz scored the only goal for the All Whites against Italy at the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.
5) My favourite sports athlete is Usain Bolt. I love how he enjoys the attention before a race. He makes athletics fun!
6) I would like to see a KDEC vs VADEC Basketball match, and also to see Deaf Sports New Zealand work better with the Deaf Societies and Deaf Clubs.

Trent Bell

Trent Bell – Wellington

1) New Plymouth
2) Francis Douglas Memorial College
3) Basketball
4) NZ at the FIBA World Championships in 2002. New Zealand placed fourth in the world and Pero Cameron was the only non-NBA player to make the All Star Five.
5) Steven Adams – Center for the Oklahoma City Thunder
6) Increased participation. A week-long competition held in the NZ summer. Higher quality competition across all sports.

Rachel Turner

Rachel Turner – Hamilton

1) Hamilton.
2) Sumner School for the Deaf/Van Asch College, Redcliffe School, Linwood High School in Christchurch. Melville High School in Hamilton.
3) Love to watch the All Blacks and Chiefs! Previous sport was Netball and now competes in 8 Ball Pool
4) Personally winning 8 Ball Pool awards from Waikato, Auckland and New Zealand Deaf 8 Ball Pool Clubs. Winning the Player of the Year from the New Zealand Deaf Games in 2012.
5) Anyone who is representing at Regional or National level
6) Workshops – this will increase the level of professional development for not only Board members but also those involved in the wider community. To improve the level of fundraising for associations and sports that are representing at regional, national and international level.

Anton Sammons

Anton Sammons – Wellington

1) Melbourne, Australia.
2) International School Groningen in the Netherlands. I also did one year at H.D. Guyot school, (Dutch Deaf School)
3) To watch: Aussie Rules, Carn the North Melbourne Kangaroos! To play: Basketball and rugby.
4) Australia defeating USA in 4x100m freestyle swimming relay, (they also broke the World Record) at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Of course anytime the North Melbourne Kangaroos beat Essendon Bombers!
5) Don Bradman for overall sportsperson. Wayne Carey and Brent Harvey for AFL. Both players play for North Melbourne FC.
6) I hope to help DSNZ achieve achieve the professionalism that is required to create opportunities for Deaf athletes achieve their potential and dreams.

Kerry Titcombe

Kerry Titcombe – Auckland

1) Wellington
2) Hutt Valley Memorial College
3) Running, Karate, Orienteering & Triathlon. Now I do karate (all year) and orienteering (summer).
4) In 1988, I was a member of the winning Under 20 team for Wellington at New Zealand Road Championship
2. Winning bronze medal in 50-68kg Women’s Kumite for New Zealand at 2009 Deaflympics, Taipei, Taiwan – it was my best moment.
5) I have two favourite sportsperson when I was growing up – John Walker (1,500m runner) and Dianne Rodger (nee Zorn) also a middle distance runner too.
6) To improve the profile of DSNZ through wider community and increase the number of women memberships. Also to working and helping with future Deaf sportsperson to follow their potential dreams in their chosen sports.

Victoria Green

Victoria Green – Christchurch

1) Christchurch
2) Mainstream schools – Sumner School, Redcliffs School and then to Linwood High School (now Linwood College).
3) I like to play volleyball and darts for Southern Zone team.
4) My favourite sport moment was when NZ hosted the World Deaf Games in Christchurch 1989, I was a captain for the NZ team. It was a very emotional Games as we came 4th overall (I can’t remember how many teams there were) and I was so proud of everyone who competed in the NZ team.
5) I don’t have a favourite athlete
6) I would like to see Deaf Sports NZ giving parents more opportunities to be involved in sports. Parents often have missed out playing or being involved in sports due family commitments.

Michelle Huskinson

Michelle Huskinson – Auckland

1) Auckland
2) Van Asch College
3) Favourite sport to play – Karate Do, Snooker, 8 Ball Pool and Swimming. Favourite sport to watch – Gymnastics, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, Snooker, 8 Ball Pool, Olympics and Commonwealth Games.
4) In Labour Weekend 2001 when I played in my B netball team against Van Asch A and Kelston. I played two full games and we won both! No one could believe the success of the B team that weekend. A second favourite moment of mine was when I was called up to play for the New Zealand team in 8 Ball Pool and I beat some of the Australian women players.
5) Valerie Adams
6) I would like to see Deaf Sports NZ raise more money to support athletes to attend World Championships and Deaflympics. Without this funding we cannot support them.



  • Jeff Went
  • Nicola Morrison

Honorary Life Members

  • John Hunt
  • Margaret Coutts
  • Shona McGhie
  • Raymond Jenkin