2009 nzdg2009history49th NZDG in Christchurch

The New Zealand Deaf Games was held in Christchurch and Southern won the Aotearoa Turi Shield award.

 2009 deaflympics2009history

21st Deaflympics

New Zealand sent a team of 13 players / officials to the 21st Deaflympics and Michael Lynch won gold for Karate. Kerry Titcombe also obtained Bronze.

 2008 nzdg200848th NZDG in Palmerston North

Palmerston North hosts the New Zealand Deaf Games for the fifth time.

2007 logo_47nzdg47th NZDG in Auckland

47th New Zealand Deaf Games held in Auckland.

2005 Deaflympics2005NZ sent to Deaflympics in Melbourne

New Zealand sent a team of 43 athletes in 5 sports to the Deaflympics in Melbourne, Australia.

 2003 Naming change – NZGD to NZDG

New Zealand Games for the Deaf changed to New Zealand Deaf Games.

 2001 dsfnzlogoNZDSA naming in favour to change

At the 41st Annual General Meeting, delegates were in favour to change the name to Deaf Sport Federation of New Zealand (DSFNZ). Formerly it was called New Zealand Deaf Sport Association (NZDSA).

 1993 Zone estabilishment

Northern and Central Zones have been established. Previously, Deaf athletes represented Deaf Societies in New Zealand. Southern Zone established in 2003.

 1989 WorldDeafGames_198916th World Deaf Games – Christchurch

16th Deaflympics (known as World Games for the Deaf) held in Christchurch, New Zealand. 93 Athletes participated for New Zealand. This Games was the 1st country to host in the Southern Hemisphere. NZ won 9 medals in total.

 1985 NZ Deaf delegates

New Zealand Deaf delegates first participated at the Asia Pacific Games of the Deaf in Melbourne, Australia. They were Shona McGhie and Jeff Went.

 1985 BadmintionLadies1985Gold and Silver Badminton Ladies

The New Zealand Women’s Badminton doubles teams won Gold and Silver. Carolyn Hamlin and Janet Watt won Gold medals while Penny Went and Pam Croskery won silver medals in the World Games of the Deaf held at Los Angeles, United States.

 1984  Australia visit NZ for Trans Tasman Games

The Trans Tasman Games Australian Deaf athletes came to Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Approximately 300 Deaf athletes from Australia and New Zealand participated XX sport teams.

 1983  CISSLogo1983Badminton at international competition

Badminton to compete at the World Games for the Deaf was proposed by Deaf delegates from New Zealand at the CISS congress meeting in Italy.

 1981  WorldDeafGamesLogo1989First bid to host World Deaf Games

The remarkable, John Ooteman won three (3) gold medals in a row at the Deaflympics for cycling (1981, 1985 and 1989).

 1980  Cycling – Impressive John Ooteman

The remarkable, John Ooteman won three (3) gold medals in a row at the Deaflympics for cycling (1981, 1985 and 1989).

 1975  First Trans Tasman Games for the Deaf – December 1975

In January 1976, when the New Zealand team toured the Eastern States of Australia, playing a series of matches against state teams and concluding its tour with matches against national teams. Unfortunately this competition has not continued.

 1970 Naming change – NZCD to NZGD

New Zealand Convention of the Deaf changed to New Zealand Games of the Deaf (NZGD). This was proposed by two delegates: Norman Norris and Kevin Larry at the NZDASA Annual General Meeting.

 1965 JohnHutt1961First official NZ delegator

John Hunt attended the CISS General Assembly in Washington, USA as a supporter by the NZDASA.

 1965 NZ participate several sports at WDG

New Zealand Deaf athletes participated in basketball, athletic, table tennis, wrestling and swimming at the World Deaf Games. Russel Haycock won bronze for swimming and she was the first Deaf winning a medal for New Zealand.

 1965 NeeMacKenzie65Bronze medal won

Nee MacKenzie (Russell Haycock) won bronze in swimming at the World Deaf Games in 1965, Washington, USA

 1963 NZDSALogo1963NZDASA formed

A meeting of existing New Zealand Deaf Societies; i.e. Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington) agreed to set up a national body. The New Zealand Deaf Amateur Sports Association was formed.

 1961 JohnMcRae1961Medals for wrestling

John McRae won a Silver Medal in the freestyle class and a bronze in the Greco-Roman in the welterweight class. At that time, he represented Wellington Deaf Sport Association before as the New Zealand Deaf Amateur Sports Association was not formed until 1963.

 1955 OlgertsRublisFirst contact with CISS

Olgerts Rublis, a Latvian Deaf migrant first made contact with CISS in Finland and shared information about the 9th International Deaf Games to New Zealand.

 1952 Children participate NZ Convention of the Deaf

Children from the School for the Deaf participated in games with Deaf Adults at the New Zealand Convention of the Deaf.

 1952 DeafSportWinners1952Athletics introduction

Athletics was introduced at the New Zealand Convention of the Deaf and more Deaf members from Deaf Societies took part in three different sports.

 1951 DeafBasketball1950Basketball Team join NZ Convention

Deaf Basketball team joined the New Zealand Convention of the Deaf.

 1951 DeafTableTennis1951First Triangle Table Tennis

The first triangle Table Tennis including Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland team

 1950 DeafSportCouncil1950First NZ Deaf Council and Sports for the Deaf

The first New Zealand Deaf Council and Sports for the Deaf was taken in Christchurch. Chairman (John Kinnear), Secretary (Jack R. Swindale), Auckland delegate (Sen Smith), Wellington delegate (Hayton Williams) and Christchurch delegate (Cecil Cairns)

 1949 DeafTableTennis1949Foundation of Convention

New Zealand Convention of the Deaf was formed with only one sport, table tennis. Auckland Adult Deaf Society won to Wellington Deaf Society.


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