Sporting Opportunties

Local – many Deaf people are playing in local events i.e. Canterbury 8 Ball Pool club, Auckland Lawn Bowling club and Wellington Deaf Netball team against other hearing clubs. Or some individual Deaf athletes are playing in hearing teams. To find out what kind of sports are available for Deaf people in your area, you will need to contact your local Deaf Club.

National – There are two different national sporting events played by Deaf people. The popular New Zealand Deaf Games (NZDG) are being held annually with many different sporting events being played in Labour Weekend (in October). Usually, Deaf local sport teams became Northern, Central or Southern Zone when they are being competed with other zonal Deaf sport teams during the NZDG. Most Deaf Sport Associations have their own competitions during their Open Championships in long weekends i.e. Easter Weekend, Queen’s Birthday weekend, etc.

International – Once Deaf athletes have participated at the NZDG or in any hearing clubs, they are entitled to play at summer or winter Deaflympics or at any World Deaf Championships. For more information of upcoming sport events, go to Events page