Deaf Sports New Zealand has several plans in place for the future, as well developing key initiatives that they are undertaking. A part-time staff member has been employed to take the pressure off the President and the Executive Board to help establish these plans. The goals which DSNZ has set out for themselves are very important to them, as we believe this is very important to the health of Deaf Sports in New Zealand.

  • Raising the profile of Deaf Sports in New Zealand and Internationally
  • Initiating and developing plans for the Deaf youth of New Zealand
  • Training officials and coaches for World Championships and Deaflympics.
  • Developing competitive athletes for international meetings.
  • Working alongside our national sporting associations to help them get to their competitions.

In 2006 the Executive Board decided that a strategic plan was needed for the organisation. This will help Deaf Sports New Zealand to focus on our goals and initiatives that we want to achieve. It will provide direction and structure for our initiatives.

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