Youth & Students

Are you a Deaf or hearing impaired youth or student and do you want to play a variety of sports with Deaf people?

It is cool and fun to play with other Deaf people who are the same age. There are many young Deaf people playing different kinds of sports at the New Zealand Deaf Games every year in October.

This could lead you to be participating in professional sport, such as taking part at the Deaflympics (both Summer and Winter Games), these are held every 4 years. Check out on different kind of sports played at Deaflympics games. Click here to check out the sports available.

In between there are Deaf World Championships for most sports and are held everywhere in the world.

The New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children are also a close partner of Deaf Sports New Zealand. For support in education, information and assistance for families and children please contact them through their website – New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children or through their Facebook – New Zealand Federation for Deaf Children Facebook