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New Zealand Deaf 8 Ball Pool

New Zealand Deaf 8 Ball Pool have changed their management and email address. We congratulate Stephen Jourdain on his appointment as President of New Zealand Deaf 8 Ball Pool. The news release from the Secretary Michelle Pillay is in the link below.

New Zealand Deaf 8 Pool Inc – Official 2014


NZ Deaf 8 Ball Championships 2014

Attached to this post is information regarding the New Zealand Deaf 8 Ball Pool Championships in August this year!

Register yourself and get your accommodation booked today!

All enquiries to Michelle Pillay.


Upper Hutt General Info

Upper Hutt Flyer

New Zealand Deaf 8 Ball Pool in Australia


Below is Michelle’s report on New Zealand’s trip to compete in the 5th Australian Deaf 8 Ball Pool Competition.

We felt very welcome at the welcome night on the first day. It was an amazing night to meet new faces from the States. They were from Waikato, Auckland,WA, SA,NSW and Queensland.

DPP_819The two teams from NZ were, Waikato and Auckland, we were excited to prepare for the games with the States on the second day. The States were vert strong against us, they played a really great game. We learned the two shots rules more and were able to challenge more with them. Waikato and Auckland were trying to beat the States on the third day, the competition was enjoyed by the States. The game were hard game too. Then we went to a presentation night at the casino. It was a fantastic night and beautiful dinner was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to players Sue Tweedie, Richard Duff, Shaun Fahey and Aureette who were the best players for their clubs over the weekend. Fourth day New Zealand vs Australia, NZ players were ready to play against the Australian players. It were a lots photo of the team. Australia were so strong and awesome game more, oh really close the game. Congratulations to Australia who won the Tasman Shield award, 2 vs 0. The closing was sad time to goodbye the States. The Australia Deaf National 8 Ball 2018 will held in Sydney, Australia. Also 6th Australia Deaf Game 2016 will held in Adelaide, Australia.

Final Results


  1. Queenland
  2. Western Australia
  3. Waikato and South Australia
  4. Auckland


  1. South Australia A
  2. New South Wales
  3. Queensland A
  4. Auckland
  5. South Australia B
  6. Queensland B
  7. Waikato
  8. Combined

New Zealand vs Australia women 2 vs 0

New Zealand vs Australia men 2 vs 0

Kind Regards

Michelle Pillay
Secretary of NZD8P
For more information contact Michelle at

Peter Downie Trophy

Peter Downie TrophyThe New Zealand Deaf Games Peter Downie Trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Female Player for 8 Ball Pool.

Previous Winners:

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Womens 8 Ball Pool Millennium Trophy

Womens 8 Ball Pool Millennium TrophyThe Womens 8 Ball Pool Millennium Trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Player.

Previous Winners:

Year Award Winner

Mens 8 Ball Pool Millennium Trophy

Mens 8 Ball Pool Millennium TrophyThe Mens 8 Ball Pool Millennium Trophy is awarded to the Most Outstanding Player.

Previous Winners:

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