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Training camp in Christchurch – 27th to 29th June


Auckland Deaf Basketball 3 on 3 photos

Deaf Basketball New Zealand has a new website

Deaf Basketball New Zealand has a website, including a photographic gallery. Send your old basketball photographs so you can share your memories with everyone else. Visit it here:

If you want to play basketball for the Deaf, please contact Trent Bell, Trent will put you in touch with the regional area representatives.

2011 World Deaf Basketball Championships


The 2011 World Deaf Basketball Championships will take place at Palermo, Italy from 16th – 24th September 2011.

There will be 17 countries participating, 15 for the mens and 8 for the womens

The last world championships was held in Guangzhou, China with Lithuania winning for the mens and United States winning for the womens.

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Official Website: