Taiwan 2009

The Kiwis left Taipei, Taiwan at lunch time, heading back to New Zealand and arrived home safely after the long trip.It was the greatest Deaflympics we ever attended! Thank you Taiwan for the great Games!

Until then, see you in Athens, Greece in 2013!

Day 10 – 15 September
The games started to end in the morning with everyone completing all sports, then the excellent closing ceremony filled everyones heart with wonderful memories having an eleven course dinner at the centre of the athletics field with ongoing fireworks.Everyone was stunned, and this Deaflympics will never be forgotten.

Day 9 – 14 September
All the Kiwis have completed their sporting events, and took the full day watching different sports.

The womens basketball final between Sweden and USA was a very exciting match with Sweden making history by winning the Deaflympics for the first time after many second places to USA.

The USA’s mens basketball team beat Lithuania.

Day 8 – 13 September
Emma played Table Tennis and lost 3 – 0 to a Chinese Taipei player, lost 3-1 to a person from Kyrgyzstan, and 3-0 to a German.She admitted she gained alot of experience from players and is keen on improving on her skills for the next Deaflympics.

The mens basketball was an awesome match between USA & Greece. USA play Lithuania in the Finals.

Day 7 – 12 September
It was a big day for Emma Paton who made her debut competing international level in table tennis, she played extremely well and lost to an experienced player from Hungary. She lost 3-1. Emma will play more games tomorrow.Daniel Carruther (cycling) came sixth in the points race and was exhausted when he got back to the hotel. It was a very hot day today, reaching 37 degrees.

The Kiwi supporters jumped from sport to sport and it was an interesting day watching basketball, badminton, and table tennis.

Day 6 – 11 September
Today Alex swam the 100m breastroke and obtained his PB. He came 19th out of 32 swimmers. The swimming pool was full of high spirits with new world records set.Michael Lynch, Kerry Titcombe (karate) with their coach Duane Monk left Taiwan with their medals heading back to New Zealand.

Day 5 – 10 September
The NZ Deaflympics Team including athletes, officials and supporters were warmly invited to visit the Xisong Senior High School.A song was performed by students in Taiwanese Sign Language, which was very inspirational. Later, students and kiwis played together trying different traditional sports.

In the afternoon, they travelled by bus to taipei’s tallest building ‘101’ and Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall.

Daniel Cutthers was busy cycling at the Deaflympics and came 23rd. Unfortunately, he got a flat tyre so he didn’t finish the race. The replacement did not have enough air.

Day 4 – 9 September
It was a rest day for all the Kiwis. No one played sports so they did their own thing in their own time.

Day 3 – 8 September
Karate is the newest sport being played at the Deaflympics. Kerry Titcombe participated in the Women’s (50kg – 68kg) Kumite. Kerry obtained a bronze medal. Michael Lynch participated the men’s over 84kg Kumite and surprisingly he beat the Russian and won gold.At the pool, Alex Field swam 200m Breastroke and managed to get into the Final B. He also got PB (Personal Best time). The strongest swimmers were Russia with 16 swimmers entering the competition and breaking several World Records with big cash prizes (NZ $200,000 for Gold, $120,000 for Silver and $80,000 for Bronze).

Day 2 – 7 September
Karate athletes, Kerry Titcombe and Michael Lynch had their weigh in today before they compete tomorrow.Alex Field, our young swimmer (17 years old) had the 50m breaststroke heats this morning and came 17th out of 28 swimmers. He obtained his PB (Personal Best time) of 34.19 seconds. Unfortunately the swimming pool was the furthest location away in all sporting events (2 hours drive away from the Taipei). Together with Alex Field (swimmer) and Gregory Lessing (swimming coach) had to re-locate their accommodation near the pool.

Day 1 – 6 September
Our cyclist, Daniel Carruthers had his 1km sprint race today. In the qualifying round of 34 cyclists, Daniel had the 3rd fastest time. He went on to the next two rounds finishing in 6th place, in a close finish against one of the USA riders. The race had some tense times with three crashes happening in a race with the Canadian & USA rider, after restarting the Canadian rider went through to the next round with a few grazes. The American had more severe injuries and had these attended to by the medical staff. More information is on the Deaflympics2009 website.In the afternoon, the delegates of 42nd Congress of ISCD (International Committee of Sports for the Deaf); Nicki Morrison and Kellye Bensley departed Taiwan back to New Zealand.

Opening Ceremony
Closer to the countdown of the opening ceremony at Taipei Arena, the New Zealand Kiwis had their trainings in the mornings (Karate, Swimming, Table-Tennis and Cycling). In the afternoon the Kiwis smiled infront of cameras then headed to the Opening Ceremony. The temperature was 31 degrees, we had 5 minutes of showers during the ceremony and it was a pleasant, overwhelming experience for everyone.

Getting prepared
Interestingly, many of citizens of Taipei city were very aware of Deaflympics and many of them questioned Deaf athletes in the public places i.e. at the swimming pool, shopping centres, in the bus, etc. The conversation in international sign between both parties became a new and fun learning experience for one another.There are so many Deaflympics related news that are published in newspapers and on websites. Check for today’s Taipei Times articles (Friday, 04 September 2009) here:

ICSD meeting
Two delegates from Deaf Sports Federation of New Zealand attended the first day of the ICSD (formerly CISS) Congress meeting. It was good to know that eight new countries have had their status ratified for entry at the Congress for voting rights.The NZ Team have had their personal training sessions during the daytime and in the evening; all of them were invited by the New Zealand Commerce and Industry at the Taipei Country Club in Taiwan for a BBQ dinner. Everyone enjoyed themselves mingling with officials, sponsors and locals. There were also four Members of the Parliament from New Zealand at this event.

Our team of kiwis were greeted by the Taiwanese volunteers with New Zealand flags at the airport. Over the next few days, large mascots of Deaflympics warmly welcomed 2650 Deaf athletes and approximately 1800 officials from 96 countries. The group of kiwis arrived at the Brother Hotel in the humid city of Taipei, Taiwan.We all were all overwhelmed with the hospitality and promotion of the 21st Summer Deaflympics everywhere in the city i.e. massive billboards on the streets, posters in all public places and transport stations


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